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For Your Long-Term Care Planning Consultation:  

Anyone who has helped to care for an aging parent can tell you how challenging it may be. Even if you are not doing the physical work, you may be coordinating the care, managing finances, and overseeing your parent’s general well-being.


Worrying about the cost of care, and what is to happen if your loved one runs out of money, can be that much more difficult. During a long-term care planning consultation, we will discuss your loved one’s health and current care plan.  We will review the nature and value of the assets as well as the income of the individual, and any planning that might already be put in place.  By providing us with the adequate information at a consultation, we can advise you regarding the use of Medicaid benefits and what that looks like for your loved one.

Estate Planning Consultation:

At the initial consultation we will learn who you are, your values, your goals, your family dynamics, and any concerns regarding your estate plan.


We will review your assets to see how they will fit into your estate plan.  Additionally, we will review any documents you may already have in place to make sure they are up to date and still represent your current wishes.  We can then discuss your options for planning, explaining the costs and benefits of different planning techniques.


Estate Administration Consultation:

Losing a loved one, especially a spouse or parent, is heartbreaking.  It is a very difficult and emotionally taxing time, but also a very critical time to take the necessary steps to settle your loved one’s estate. 


Do not be concerned if you cannot provide all the information we request; please bring all the information you have and during the consultation, an attorney will work closely with you to determine the necessary course of action to properly settle the estate.   







If you choose to schedule a consultation, we ask that you complete the appropriate consultation form to the best of your ability in advance of your consultation. This information is important for us to properly advise you and to make the best use of the consultation time.


"Through working on guardianship proceedings and probate cases, I experienced firsthand what happens when one does not properly plan for death or disability".

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